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A very old forest, representative example of the canary laurel forest, an ecosystem of the Tertiary. Disappeared from the continent due to the climate change during the Quaternary. On La Gomera the singular forest has been conserved because of the excellent conditions.
The National Park covers little more than 10 % of the island. In 1986 it was declared a UNESCO World Herritage Site.

Official Website: Garajonay National Park



In the year 2005, The National Park Garajonay, together with the Insular Association of Rural Development of La Gomera (AIDER La Gomera), took the decision to promote the implantation of the ECST in the island of La Gomera. Thus it was putting the Charter at the disposal of the island as a tool to promote the sustainable tourism.
The Charter approach ensures that organizations, local people and 33 local tourism businesses work together to protect the area, while at the same time increasing opportunities for visitors to discover and enjoy its special qualities.
The Charter was drawn up under the leadership of the EUROPARC Federation.

Charter Partner Businesses






  • Taxi – Carlos Hernández (Valle Gran Rey): 629 689 080



  • Sabores Gomeros (Centro de Visitantes Juego de Bolas)