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In the house you will find information about various routes that can be made walking from Los Aromos to know the village.

We’ll make your trekking tour on La Gomera on unforgettable experience!

Garajonay National Park´s Path Network:

The best way of getting into the Park and enjoying its beauty and exuberance is on foot. The footpaths in the park are ancient ways along which the Gomerans went from one place to another on the island, although, with a different purpose from ours: we walk them for sheer pleasure, while they did so out of need. The footpaths which are described here and which feature in a table with their characteristics are the best and most advisable in the Park. Nevertheless, they can be combined or joined one to another or with other footpaths, both inside and outside the Park to the taste of each person, in such a manner that each visitor can decide on his own trip.